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February 2021

Community Survey Results are Released

During the summers of 2019 and 2020, over 300 members of the Greater Hartford Community completed a survey regarding their views on Keney Park.  The Friends of Keney Park (FOKP), an advocacy group dedicated to the improvement, preservation, and community development for the City of Hartford’s Keney Park, is pleased to share the results of the survey addressing what activities and amenities residents would like to see in Keney Park. “As we move forward to engage our Park partners, supporters and residents to see Keney Park as a community resource, we felt that it was important for FOKP to find out what the community thought about the Park, “said Henry Hester, Co-Vice President of FOKP.

For the past year, FOKP has been developing an Action Plan that once completed will be used to guide our actions to ensure the future growth and sustainability of this thirty-two (32) year old volunteer organization. “We were so pleased with the number of participants who took their time to share their thoughts on this magnificent Park”, said Miriam Roane, Co-Vice President of FOKP.  FOKP invites everyone to review the summary of the survey results by clicking on the buttons below. 

Friends of Keney Park, is a 501 c3 total volunteer organization that was established in 1988.  Keney Park, which is comprised of 693 acres, is owned by the City of Hartford, Connecticut.  Keney Park offers a wide variety of athletic and recreational opportunities which are available to the general public.  From baseball to cricket, swimming to fishing, there is always something to do at Keney Park.

For further information you can contact Patricia Wrice at; or at (860) 794-8346.