Sustainability Project

Project Summary

Keney Park Sustainability Project (KPSP) in partnership with; the City of Hartford, CCEJ, Hands on Hartford, Friends of Keney Park, Inc., Knox parks, Green Cycle, Our Piece of the Pie, North End Senior Center, Husky Sports, UCONN School of Agriculture, Aquastone Graphics, Public Access Television the Board of Education and DEEP. KPSP Is a multi phase project seeking to educate youth and other community members on the importance of sustainability practices, creating jobs and growing the next generation of city workers and environmental stewards. KPSP will include the following seven components: promotions, gardening, waste stream reduction, composting, designers & builders, food & health and forest management. KPSP also seeks to restore Keney Park as a safe and healthy public environmental education resource.

Phase 1: The project will install a green house and 15 raised beds at the Keney Park house located at 183 Windsor Ave. This location will serve as an educational site where schools and community groups can experience hands on gardening. The Park House is also equipped with two full kitchens where participants will learn how to prepare healthy meals using fruits and vegetables from their gardens.

Phase 2: The project will also restore the composting yard and the structures at the second Tower Avenue entrance. Invasive species will be removed and the area will be landscaped to facilitate the installation of an outdoor waste stream education and processing site. Phase 2 will begin with organic leaf composting and worm composting. Other products will be included as the space capacity is built. Other products may include dead fall, lumber, brush and types of mulch. Schools will be able to visit the site as a part of their math, science, agriculture and or environmental classes to receive hands on experiential lessons in sustainability practices.

KPSP will be led by one full time Program Director and a part time Administrative position under the supervision of the Family Day Foundation, Inc., The City of Hartford and The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The day to day functions will be performed by hired employees and members of the groups listed above and members of the surrounding community.


• Promotions (OPP, Academy of the Performing Arts, Aquastone Graphics, Volunteers, Public Access Television and Hartford Schools).

• Gardening & Landscaping (Hartford Schools, KNOX parks, UCONN school of Agriculture, Hands on Hartford, North End Senior Center and Hartford Food Systems)

• Waste stream reduction (CCEJ, DEEP, DPW, Ebony Horse Women, Green Cycle and Hartford Schools)

• Composting (KNOX,DEEP, DPW, Green Cycle, CCEJ, Ebony Horse Women and Hartford Schools)

• Designing & building (OPP, DPW, Youth Build Hartford and Hartford Schools)

• Food & Health (H&HS, Hartford Food Systems and Hartford Schools)

• Forest Management (DEEP, DPW, CCEJ and Hartford Schools)

Download Stage One PDF Download Stage Two PDF

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